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Jun 11, 2024
How Do Inflatable Tents Work?

Inflatable tents have gained popularity due to their ease and convenience of setup. Brands offer various models, generally categorized into two types: Single Inflation and Multiple Inflation.

Types of Inflation

Single Inflation Single inflation tents can be inflated from a single point, connecting all the beams within the tent. This design allows multiple beams to be inflated simultaneously through one main tube.



  • Quick inflation from a single point.
  • Features bracer beams for additional strength.
  • Faster setup process.


  • More prone to issues due to multiple connection points.
  • Harder to locate and repair leaks.
  • More challenging to deflate and pack away as air can move between tubes.

Multiple Inflation Points These tents require each beam to be inflated separately, with individual inflation points for each beam.



  • Less likely to fail as each beam operates independently.
  • Easier to repair individual beams.
  • Simplified deflation and packing.


  • Fewer bracer beams.
  • More effort required to pitch the tent as each beam must be inflated separately.

Design and Mechanism

All inflatable tents utilize a pressurized air system to create a strong, rigid structure, similar to a bicycle tire. The tubes hold an air pressure between 4PSI and 8PSI, ensuring a reliable frame.

Tube and Sleeve Design:

  1. Inflatable Tubes: Each tube is pre-tested for leaks, then deflated and inserted into a robust polyester sleeve to prevent over-expansion.
  2. Flysheet Panels: The tube and sleeve combination is placed into flysheet panels within the tent. Valves positioned at each beam allow for exterior inflation and deflation.

Air Valve Systems:

  1. Twist Valve (Vango's Airbeam):

    • Twist the pump onto the valve to inflate.
    • The valve seals automatically when the pump is removed.
    • To deflate, twist the valve to the open setting.
  2. Push Button Valve:

    • Push the button to close the valve, then attach the pump to inflate.
    • The valve seals when the pump is removed.
    • To deflate, push the button to open the valve.


Inflatable tents are highly reliable and often more resistant to accidental damage compared to pole tents. The pre-installed structure minimizes user error, and the air beams can withstand strong winds, typically tested up to 45-55mph. For added peace of mind, carrying a spare air tube is recommended, akin to having a spare tire for a car or bike.

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