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To ensure the superior condition of your orders, KASSICO implements a stringent quality management system across every stage of our production process. Our dedicated QC staff collaborates closely with our production team throughout each step to meticulously examine and verify the fabrics and finalized products, ensuring their impeccable quality and the absence of any defects. Our exceptional outdoor products instill customer confidence in your brand, resulting in minimal issues encountered by your buyers and a high likelihood of receiving positive reviews about your business.

Professional and Well-Equipped Workshops

We have a certain scale capacity to ensure your order delivery cycle.

Quality Inspections During Production Progress

This is what we do when it comes to making wholesale camping tents,
and you'll find our complete 4 inspections during the whole progress of wholesales tents.

  • 1st Inspection: Buying Material
    When we get your payments, we start discussing the design and buy materials and arrange the production schedule.
    There would be 1st inspection when material comes into our warehouse.
  • 2nd Inspection: Stiching Frabic
    Then the fabric will be stitched by workers who at least have 3 years of experience.
    And there would be 2nd inspection when the worker finished the tent, they will inspect the stitching quality and thread ends.
  • 3rd Inspection: tent poles and accessories
    Workers will assemble the poles to be the frame of camping tents
    There would be 3rd inspection to check hardware work well and metal dust is clear.
  • 4th Inspection: Assembly & Package
    Workers will assemble the tent fabric to be a complete tent and put accessories in.
    There would be a final inspection to check whether the tent works well and whether the accessories are complete and packaged well.
Pull Testing
UV Testing
Rain testing
Cyclical Testing

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