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Jul 04, 2024

Dome Tent vs. Cabin Tent: Which is Suitable for Family Camping


Deciding between a dome tent and a cabin tent can be crucial for a comfortable camping experience. The wrong choice could leave you wet and cold at night or lead to frustration at your camping party. Here's a comparison to help you decide which tent is right for your needs.

Dome Tent


What Is a Dome Tent?

Dome tents are a popular choice among campers. They are characterized by flexible poles that cross at the top to form a dome shape. These tents are often used by backpackers and small groups, but there are larger models suitable for families.

Performance in Rain and Wind

Dome tents excel in windy and rainy conditions. Their sloped sides deflect wind, and rainwater runs off rather than pooling on top. This makes dome tents more weather-resistant compared to the boxy shapes of cabin tents.

Space in Dome Tents

While the low-hanging edges of dome tents can make it hard to sleep near the walls, this space can be used for storing gear. Some dome tents come with vestibules for additional storage. Be cautious when stacking gear against the walls, as it can compromise the waterproofing.

Portability and Weight

Dome tents vary in weight depending on their purpose. Casual camping dome tents prioritize ease of setup and often use fiberglass poles. Backpacking dome tents are lighter and use aluminum poles, but they can be more expensive. Generally, dome tents are lighter than cabin tents due to their simpler structure.

Ease of Setup

Dome tents are typically easy to set up. The curved shape allows easy access to all points. Instant and pop-up versions are available, making setup even quicker. Dome tents are usually manageable by one person.

Cabin Tent


What Is a Cabin Tent?

Cabin tents have straight walls and a boxy shape, making them look like small cabins. They are popular among casual campers and families.

Space in Cabin Tents

Cabin tents offer ample space with straight walls that allow you to use the entire tent area. They often have room dividers for privacy and plenty of headroom, making them ideal for activities inside the tent during bad weather.

Cabin Tent Setup

Cabin tents are designed for easy setup, often featuring instant designs with pre-attached poles. However, larger cabin tents may require more than one person to set up.

Performance in Rain and Wind

Cabin tents are not as weather-resistant as dome tents. Their large, boxy shape makes them less aerodynamic, and they often come with lower waterproof ratings. They are best suited for fair weather and light rain.

Weight and Portability

Cabin tents are heavier and bulkier, making them suitable for car camping rather than backpacking. They require more materials, adding to their weight and making them less portable.


Cabin tents are generally more expensive than casual dome tents due to their larger size and increased material use. However, high-end backpacking dome tents can be more expensive than cabin tents.


Comparison Table

Feature Dome Tents Cabin Tents
Family Use Average Great
Backpacking Use Great Poor
Space Average Great
Setup Great Average to Great
Weight Light to Medium Heavy
Weather Protection Good to Great Poor
Center Height Small to Medium Tall
Price Low to High Moderate
Storage Poor to Moderate Moderate to Great



Is a cabin tent or a dome tent better for tall people?

Cabin tents are better for tall people because they offer more headroom and straight walls, allowing you to stand up inside. Some dome tents are taller, but they generally won't allow you to stand up.

Which tent is better for families?

Cabin tents are ideal for families. They provide ample space, room dividers for privacy, and plenty of storage options. Dome tents can work for families but tend to be more cramped.

By understanding the differences between dome and cabin tents, you can choose the right one for your camping needs, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experience.

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